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Bay B Blue
Oyster Farm

Welcome to the Bay B Blue Oyster Farm site!
Located in Beautiful Montross on the Northern Neck in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Our names are Glenn and Bernadette Johnston and Family of 5 children and eight grandchildren. We relocated to this alluring location almost 7 years ago from the North Shore of Long Island, NY. 
Our operating Oyster Farm consists of 184 nautical acres in Currioman Bay nestled in the Potomac River. The vast size of the farm reaches from Haulover Point to the outer stretches of Shark Tooth Island, a staggering distance of 11,000 feet, which is 2 Nautical miles in length.  Depths range from 5 to 12 feet. For many years there was no existence of Haulover Point, only the barrier Peninsula that protected Currioman Bay from the insurge of the Potomac River. In common knowledge to the area, the Peninsula was named many years ago as Shark Tooth Island and ownership transported from the Infamous Lee family who owned vast amounts of land in the area. The Washington family also were owners of vasts amount of land in the area that stretched from George's birthplace, some 8 miles away, to the area of the community where we live along the bay. The island was named after the many fossils of shark teeth that could be easily sought for from the great megalathon sharks from the Miocene Era that were the ancestors of the great white sharks. An incredibly historical location from the sea life that once existed to the historical people that helped build the framework of our beautiful country. In the spirit of this we operate our farm with pride and dignity recognizing what came before us. The breach in the Peninsula took place sometime during the 1970's and continues to slowly erode the islands. Some of the people who have lived here for many generations claim that the islands are slowly moving towards Nomini Bay which is a connecting Bay to Currioman. The advantage to the Bay B Blue operation is the bay has an incredible consistent flow of the brackish waters throughout our farm which constantly feeds our oysters. For those that don't know, oysters are bivalves that feed by filtering moving water and they do so 24/7  as long as the water is moving. Each oyster averages filtering up to 60 gallons a day and this greatly assists in purification of waterways in our country and around the world. The Potomac River absorbs all tribruaries streaming across Virginia from the mountains of both Virginia and West Virginia and tribruaries from Maryland. The Potomac feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay is also the largest breeding ground of the Striped Bass. When the Dutch first arrived in the Chesapeake Bay in the 1600's, it was described as waters as clear and blue as those of the Caribbean, with massive reefs that protruded from the bay that could rip open the keel of a ship. These reefs the Dutch learned to be were abundant oyster beds containing oysters as large as a common dinner plate! As operating owners of our Bay B Blue Oyster Farm we are committed to environmental preservation, our name says it all! Our mission involves the use of aquaculture and oyster bed restoration. Aquaculture strictly uses the triploid oyster seed of a strong genre that does not reproduce. They are grown out to maturity in sea bottom cages. When we have a strike of an existing oyster bed we will pursue with a restoration project to build up the oyster population within the area of the strike using a diploid genre reproductive oyster. Futuristic goals include oyster bed creation! More can be learned about this within our site. At the center of our leased waters is a large piece of property we own that reaches down to the Bay where we perform grow out in our Riparian waters. As an investor into our product you can learn more about what we do there. The center property avails us a tremendous vantage point to avoid piracy and raiders into the lease, inclusive with other special security measures. The Bay B Blue Oyster is truly an incredible Oyster! With an appeal to both the palate and visually. They are deep cupped, beautifully shaped and taste sweet and creamy with a touch of brine. The nectar and texture are incredible. We love what we do and where we do it!
Enjoy going through our interactive site and we look forward to you engaging us and serving you!

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