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Special Offer: Limited Time


We are all engaged in a challenging and deeply concerning state of our Country and globally.
Tomorrow has so many uncertainties.
The USA is of strong faith and hope.
Personally, I have addressed the time we are facing in that way here in Virginia.
I have approached each day with a new sunrise and set a productive course for the day and maintain positive energy and prayer for all.
BayBblue Oyster farm is an ambition to secure a food sustenance I am asking you to invest into.
For a New Tomorrow.
We have adjusted our offer earlier than we anticipated.
Our goals have been to have an investor whether it be a smaller investor to a larger one play a role in the growth of their seeds.
We are presenting that now.
We are anticipating the ability to purchase larger seed earlier than expected and we need to raise the capital.
This purchase will produce an earlier market crop than expected.



1000 count:   $375 each

 500 count:   $225 each

1 Bushel:        $75 each

***SPECIAL for the Children Nurture Nature Love Sprout Cage $25 each

Included in each offer we will provide
a lodging at our expense as follows:

1) If you invest in the 1000 count
    We will provide you two guest
    rooms for a weekend to engage in
    the process and enjoy the area.
    We will provide breakfast and a
     packed lunch.

2) If you invest in the 500 count
    We will provide you one night
    weekend stay with 2 guest rooms
    and breakfast and a packed lunch.

3) If you invest in the 1 bushel count

or the Nurture Nature Love Sprout Cage
    You are welcome to come and
    Participate  for the day and
    spend a night camping on the
    Waterfront property that is in the
     center of the Oyster lease.
     Property has bathroom facility and
     electric and you can bring a small
     camper or pitch a tent.

***Whatever you choose you will not
     be disappointed. We are intending to
     load each purchase with a heavy amount of
     Oyster Seeding to assure abundant
     crop yield.

***We Sincerely Thank you in
     advance for your interest and we
     look forward to your investment
     and your interactive role and all of
     Our Healthy and Brighter Tomorrow’s.

*** We are accepting any amount of donation where we will grow seed

in a natural setting as a memory pool. The mature

oysters will reproduce new birthed oysters.

***All be well and ours prayers for all of
    you and your families.


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