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          Bay B Blue Oyster Farm has had very productive oyster growth during our 2020 Summer/Fall growing season and we are proudly extending an offer to share in our success. 2020 has been a trying year for our nation as our lives have been challenged in so many ways and leaving us with many uncertainties. We endured the challenges and balanced our focus which permitted the production of our crop. Bay B Blue has ambitiously created a nutritious and pleasantly tasting food sustenance for today and tomorrow.    


          Our crop is in the perfect growing cycle to compliment our offer. The oyster lease and our adjoining land property has been a tremendous source of Revitalization of our spirit and our connection to the ecosystem of nature. We tended our oysters with a nurturing belief and Faith in a brighter tomorrow as we embraced the beauty of each day as it came. What a beautiful summer it has been! Despite all our nations concerns the summer weather has been incredible and our waters in Currioman Bay produced an incredible growing crop.

           This summer has created memories of a Lifetime for us. Absolutely bittersweet, but after all most memories contain just that. Our lives contain a vast amount of experiences and we are offering to you to engage the Bay B Blue experience with the added benefit of not only enjoying the oysters, but the addition of a memory capsule for your memories of a lifetime. The memory capsule is placed inside the portal to be identifying to your personal portal.  Whether you are an individual family, organization or a corporation you can partake in one of the following offers.

The premium oyster rebirth portal consists of 5000 count oyster containment. The oysters are all in different stages of growth to promote a consistent source of production upon purchase a bushel will be readily available for you. At a later date of your choice during the warmer months you can come out to our farm and engage in the sorting process. At that time you will reap the production of the oysters you find suitable in size for consumption as your crop. We will then restock the portal to its capacity for another yield and this will continue until the process is complete. While you are enjoying your stay on our grounds equipped with a primal need need facility you can enjoy all the splendor our  area has to offer. The cost of this offer is $2995

Same as above - 2500 oysters $1795

Same as above - 1000 oysters $995

Same as above- 500 oysters $595

Same as above - 250 oysters $395

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*Inquiry with us regarding continued restock options after first restocking to maintain inhabital capacity. Dependant upon unforeseeable maturation rates.

*Inquiry about pricing when Bay B Blue completely maintains your purchased rebirth portal.

*Memory of a Lifetime plats with memory capsules and plaques are now available starting at $75 *inquire for details*

Straight out bushel purchases are available for $89

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