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We have several styles of oysters named appropriately and each with a particular sentiment.

1. Trevors - True to Old Gaeltic meaning.

2. Honey B's - Glenn's Sweetheart, life partner, and soulmate.

3. One Happy Oyster - Dear NY Friends/Investors.

4. Lil Debbs - Dear NY Friends/Investors.

5. Triple B's- Bay B Blue.

6. Hoysterman - Glenn's - The Harvester.

You can brand your own name if you wish.

Investment Opportunity Choices:

One bushel cage growth - $85.00

500 count cage growth $250.00

The following are based on a per cage cost of 1,000.

The specified price in each category  is the price per cage of 1,000.

1,000 - 5,000 cage growth- $450.00

(per cage 1-5)

5,000 - 10,000 cage growth - $385.00 

(per cage 5-10)

10,000 - 50,000 cage growth - $350.00 

(per cage 10-50)

Amounts over 50,000 require negotiation.


*Within 48 hours of your committed investment you will receive an authentic

Bay B Blue Certificate reflecting your investment via email. 


*Your investment is a potential growth. Nature is ultimately in control and product yield amounts are not guaranteed.  As with any investment,  there are inherent risks.

*Opportunity will close at one million seed target for the season

* Potential return on investment cannot be anticipated before early Fall of 2021,

including a possibility of Winter 2021 harvesting.


*Upweller Growth begins July/August 2020.

* Average maturation time is 9-18 months.

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